Full-Service Consulting for Business Excellence

Whether a business is a small, mom-and-pop store on Main Street, USA or a huge, multi-national corporation, the burden of success should never be on just one person. Expert advising, group decision-making, heavily-researched strategies, and a unified set of goals are the hallmarks of effective business decisions. The best decisions increase profits, consumer confidience, and corporate reputation. What business owners want to to get to these decisions in the most streamlined and convenient way.

Luckily, a growing number of consulting firms like My Sales Butler are offering CRM consulting. Below is a list that describes what this full-service variety of consultancy is, as well as its many benefits.

Full-service CRM (Customer Relationship Management) consulting involves many venues, services, and assistance. It is a multidisciplinary, multi-directional concierge approach that includes (but is not limited to) full website packages, general, offline marketing service, and internet marketing. As these services become fully integrated with the clinet business’ product, the services can be resold to expand clientele and create higher profits.


In an agreement with WordPress, CRM services offer all of the technology needed to design and create a beautiful, exciting, state-of-the-art website. All of the side issues that do not involve the selling strategies and content of the site are taken care of by the CRM service. This allows business leaders to do what they do best with a website: sell their products!

A great website is not just for customers. It is also a hub to which company members log on to retrieve files, fill out forms, and conduct company business. Employees can submit time-sheets, reports, and customer contracts to one easy source.

In addition, a CRM service also takes care of website management as the needs of the client change. They can add Google apps, build eNewsletter campaigns, and continually improve the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of the site. This part of the service also includes marketing automation.

CRM services also do the heavy lifting when it comes to online advertising. While many companies have advertisers on their staffs, CRM companies specialize in getting the advertising out ot the world wide web a prolifically as possible. They employ Pay Per Click (PPC, which helps reduce costs in generating leads), Seach Engine Marketing (SEM), retargetting, and the aforemention techniques of SEO amd marketing automation. These methods help generate leads 24-hours a day.

Beusinesses like my sales butler and sites like IT Web Based Consultation offer all of the above services. These allow clients to increase greatly the volume of their leads while allowing them to do what they do best: sell their products directly.


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